About us

House Proud Unique is the company you need when you wish for a spotless house, office, or any other space. Cleaning can be time-consuming and a real hustle, if you plan on doing everything sparkling. So, why don’t you enjoy your time and take care of real important business and allow us to take care of your dirty business. We offer professional cleaning services, which will make your house look extremely clean, your office presentable, and your apartment brand new. Forget about difficult to clean carpets or stains. We will make sure they are all gone by the time our cleaning is done.

Our company does not work for a franchise or referral service. We recruit the most suitable persons for the job, and we always check their background first. So, we are sending only the best and most prepared team members to clean your spaces.

Our goals are to offer all our customers complete satisfaction and high-quality services. We believe so much in our services, that we even return your money back if anything goes wrong and you are not satisfied with our services. But first, allow us to clean properly your house and invite you back in a new and fresh environment.

It doesn’t matter what type of cleaning you need or what space you wish to be cleaned. When it comes to any cleaning action, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We always respect our promises and appointments for all our customers. Do you need a spring cleaning? Or you just want a thorough cleaning of your house or office? We have the people, products and tools to do that properly for you. Bought a new home and you want to see it sparkling and sanitized? Call in our team and you can be sure that the job will be done without a flaw.